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An innovator with a noble cause, Rina revolutionized the education landscape in the Philippines when she decided to capitalize on the resources and assets of her family- using media to educate millions of Filipino children. 

She is the co-founder, president, and executive director of Knowledge Channel Foundation (KCFI).

Her passion to democratize education has taken her all over the Philippines from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. She has also been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards and had the privilege to present her advocacy abroad like the United Nations NGO Conference and the WISE education summit in Qatar.

As a result of her steadfast advocacy for the past 18 years, many Filipino learners are being given a better chance to uplift their lives from poverty through education.

Rina is also a doting mom to 15-year-old Margarita, 29-year-old Daniel, and his wife Anacelle.



Since 1999, the Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc., (KCFI) has been at the forefront of helping improve education and learning outcomes through relevant and engaging multimedia learning resources and professional development of educators. It is the first and only TV, online and offline media tandem primarily focused on the Philippines’ basic education curriculum. 

Through the years, Knowledge Channel Foundation has expanded its portfolio to become an all-around partner in education. From acquiring and broadcasting educational content, KCFI now develops its own multimedia learning resources: from curriculum-based shows to online games, e-learning modules and session guides. These can be accessed by public schools through various platforms: ABS-CBN TV Plus, Sky Cable, Sky Direct, portable media libraries, and KCFI’s website and social media accounts.

KCFI also conducts an intensive three-day training for teachers called LEEP or Learning Effectively through Enhanced and Evidence-based Pedagogies. This program empowers teachers to engage their 21st Century learners through active learning, learner-centered approaches, adopting the growth mindset, and integrating multi-media and technology in the classroom among many others.

When it comes to addressing specific challenges in basic education, KCFI creates specialized projects or interventions. One of these examples is Project MathDali, a holistic intervention for Grade 4 Math which involved the production of the 36-episode TV show “MathDali”, interactive games, teacher training and parent seminars. Another project in the pipeline is the Early Reading and Oracy Program with the assistance of the Rotary Club Premier of Makati and the Department of Education. 

Knowledge Channel Foundation is also a part of the Excellence in Education Transformation Awards or EETA which recognizes innovators and best practices in the field of education. This is in partnership with Bayan Academy, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Department of Education, and REX Bookstore.

Today, more than 5 million learners in more than 6,000 public schools have access to more than 1,600 Knowledge Channel videos and episodes both on-air and offline thanks to the support of countless organizations that have supported the foundation. Games, videos, and other educational resources are also available online via www.knowledgechannel.org and on KCFI’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In terms of teacher training, more than 5,700 teachers and principals in more than 1,600 schools all over the country have taken LEEP.

Knowledge Channel also continues to develop new shows and episodes in partnership with other companies and institutions:  MathDali, a series for Grade 4 Mathematics hosted by Robi Domingo; AgriCOOLture, a series for Grade 9 Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) with Enchong Dee; Puno ng Buhay, an environment-oriented show for Grade 3 starring Michelle Vito, Khalil Ramos and CJ Navato; Estudyantipid, a show on financial literacy for Grade 9 starring Sharlene San Pedro and Jairus Aquino; and Knowledge On the Go, the channel’s very first mobile game show hosted by Marlo Mortel.

As to the impact of KCFI’s intervention on education, studies done in 2008 and 2012 by the University of the Philippines’ Statistical Research Center found that students in the schools that use Knowledge Channel regularly attained a 3 percent increase in their National Achievement Test scores.  In rural areas, Knowledge Channel helped increase enrollment rates, improve completion rates, and decrease truancy levels.  A 2015 study conducted by De La Salle University on 42,000 students across the country attributed very significant increases in learning outcomes among those who learn with Knowledge Channel educational video episodes.

On its 18th year, KCFI continues to metamorphose and adapt to the changing education landscape and demands of 21st century learning. And with your support, KCFI can definitely reach more and teach more learners.

Rina Lopez Bautista
President and Executive Director
Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.


Speech at the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)

Speech at the 59th UN Department of Public Information and NGO Conference in 2006

Speech at the 2013 Education for Sustainable Development International Conference
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