Agham Para sa Pagbabago (Science for Change)

 Agham Para sa Pagbabago (Science for Change) is a pilot project in the coastal area of Lobo, Batangas (Philippines) that supports Malabrigo public school students aimed at raising their interest in science and technology subjects that could help them become successful scientists and engineers that will build disaster-resilient communities. Grade 3 and Grade 7 students who benefit from this project will receive tablets and special learning kits that will allow them to participate in an advanced and innovative science and technology curriculum.

The pilot project supports the continuous learning of students by investing in technology using a reimagined science and technology curriculum that will enable them to maximize learning amid disasters and pandemics. The curriculum will also teach students how to build disaster-resilient communities while encouraging them to pursue career paths in the science and engineering fields.

To encourage and build scientific minds who will help their communities be less vulnerable, we will do the ff:

  • produce 80 video lessons for Grades 3 and 7 based on a reimagined Science curriculum guide working closely with the teachers, principals, DepEd Division Offices, private organizations, and other subject matter experts. There are 3 organizations of Filipino and foreign scientists from all over the world that would like to help us.
  • improve their learning environment by providing 114 tablets for students and 7 laptops for teachers preloaded with digital learning materials.
  • Science Learning kits will also be assembled and provided to each of the 85 Grade 7 students and their teacher. The learning kit includes materials that match the activities at the end of each quarter.
  • reliable internet access.

We will also train and closely mentor the teachers and principals in the Malabrigo schools. We aim to equip them on Science content knowledge, teaching approaches, and communication skills. Teachers, as facilitators of learning, are key in making Science learning more meaningful and engaging.

“I would like to call for your support in fulfilling this pilot project and in making a difference in the education of our Filipino students in Malabrigo and beyond. Let’s prove again that, during these times of uncertainty, meaningful partnerships can help us thrive and conquer.” – Rina Lopez, Lopez Group Education Cluster Lead


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Agham Para sa Pagbabago is a combined initiative of the Lopez Group Education Cluster.