Nominee Qualifications

Nominated teachers should:

(1) Have valid PRC teaching licenses
(2) Have at least two years of teaching experience at the primary level in the same school (Kindergarten-Grade 3)
(3) Interested in using technologies within challenging contexts
(4) Have leadership potential
(5) Have plans to continue teaching within the same school for the next two years
(6) Have access to strong internet connection

Nomination and Selection Process

Note: Teachers will have to be nominated either by their immediate supervisors, respective school principals, or school division superintendents.

At least two teachers from the same school or division will be selected for the pilot cohort. Given the collaborative nature of this certificate program, nominators are encouraged to nominate two teachers within the same school or division for PRIME. The total number of teachers from the pilot cohort ranges from 20-35 teachers.


(1) Nominators should download the nomination form through: The Nomination Form is also available at the Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc website at:

(2) Nominators should fill out the nomination form. Please encode the responses through a word processing application (i.e. Microsoft Word, Google Documents). Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

(3) Make sure that the Nominee agrees to the nomination, by having him/her sign the Acceptance of Nomination Form. The Acceptance of Nomination Form may be accomplished in two modes: (a) by having the Nominee attach his/her electronic signature to the digital file, or (b) by having the Nominee attach the scanned original signed Nomination Form.

(4) Submit the accomplished Nomination Form to the Agency Point of Contact:

Email subject tile: [PRIME Nomination] Surname of Nominee_Surname of Nominator

Name: Carlo Fernando
Title: Teacher Education Program Officer

(5) Please expect a Confirmation of Receipt of the Nomination Form within two business days upon submission of the form.


(1) Only shortlisted nominees would be invited for an online interview. The teleconference link would be submitted both to the Nominee and the Nominator’s email addresses.

(2) Nominees are expected to access the online link on time. Late attendance, or unauthorised absence from the interview may mean disqualification from PRIME.

Privileges and Benefits

Only selected PRIME teacher participants are eligible to the following scholarship privileges and benefits, among others:

(1) Tuition Fee to the five universities for PRIME
(2) Travel and accommodation expenses, as applicable
(3) Library access
(4) Access to the Online Learning Management System
(5) Mentorship from the professors and lecturers from the five universities
(6) Copies of Knowledge Channel teaching and learning materials

Submission Process and Schedule

Nominations shall be screened based on the following criteria:

(1) Potential to become an Expert (30%)

Exhibits mastery of content, pedagogical, or technological knowledge evidenced by strong anecdotal records, distinguished awards or recognition, or good academic standing

(2) Potential to become a Leader (35%)

Shows evidence of leadership inside the classroom, school, or community that enables others to be lifelong leaders; able to unite and lead people for a common cause and accomplish immediate and long-term results

(3) Potential to become an Innovator (35%)
Able to discuss and articulate challenges within his/her respective teaching context and identify ways to address said challenges; shows evidence perseverance, flexibility, grit, and adaptability

Contact Persons

All questions pertaining to PRIME should be directed to:

Carlo Fernando
Teacher Education Program Officer
(632) 415-2272 local 5197

Prime Nomination Form

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