About the President


An innovator with a noble cause, Rina revolutionized the education landscape in the Philippines when she decided to capitalize on the resources and assets of her family- using media to educate millions of Filipino children. 

She is the co-founder, president, and executive director of Knowledge Channel Foundation (KCFI).

Her passion to democratize education has taken her all over the Philippines from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. She has also been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards and had the privilege to present her advocacy abroad like the United Nations NGO Conference and the WISE education summit in Qatar.

As a result of her steadfast advocacy for the past 18 years, many Filipino learners are being given a better chance to uplift their lives from poverty through education.

Rina is also a doting mom to 15-year-old Margarita, 29-year-old Daniel, and his wife Anacelle.



We have transcended from being just a television channel that schools use, into an all-around partner in education and learning. KCFI has expanded its portfolio of programs: from acquiring and broadcasting educational content to developing our own multimedia learning resources not only of curriculum-based shows but also of games, other e-learning modules and session guides; from connecting schools to our live broadcast through cable and satellite dishes, to providing access through various platforms: online/ offline and the various Knowledge Channel On-Demand packages; from conducting a one-day teacher training on utilizing our videos in the classroom to a more intensive three-day module on effective and evidenced-based learning strategies; a holistic intervention for Math; and an award program for outstanding schools and education leaders.

Up on our various channels this year are 65 new episodes, 69 games, and 14 e-modules for MathDali, Payong K-lusugan, Puno ng Buhay, Wow, Agricoolture, and Estudyantipid. We are also launching our interstitial series, Knowledge on the Go! hosted by Marlo Mortel, and Class Project that will feature the best student-made videos.

418 new schools have so far been connected to Knowledge Channel this 2017. This ups the number of schools with access to our learning resources to 6,600. These new connections were made possible by new and renewing partnerships.

The impact of our work however is best seen through the lives of the countless Filipino children we’ve touched.

LEEP has so far this year, trained 160 new schools in Leyte, Samar, Panay, Cebu, Bohol, Bicol, Quezon, Cavite, Rizal, and NCR. Towards the third and fourth quarter of the year, we will be training more in Cagayan Province, Quezon City, Lanao del Norte, Sultan Kudarat, Cavite, Laguna, and other schools divisions. 2,000 schools and 6,000 participants have so far taken LEEP since we started in 2013, and we have been receiving very positive feedback on improvement in interest, participation and learning outcomes. LEEP has also been expanded. There is now a LEEP for Mathematics, while we are currently developing LEEP for Science, LEEP for Beginning Literacy and LEEP for Supervisors.

The impact of our work however is best seen through the lives of the countless Filipino children we’ve touched. Many of them are working now or have completed their courses in higher education, just like Hilmarie Nimo, who graduated from law school last year. As a child who would absent frequently because of her frail health and the distance of her house to the school, it was Knowledge Channel that she would view during lunch breaks and after classes that helped her catch up with the lessons.

Others are in high school just like Chelsea Gupo. Humble and unassuming, Chelsea is one of the best-performing students in her school. She attributes her love for learning to watching Knowledge Channel.

There are also those who are currently in elementary. Kids like JB, Dani, Rain, and Elisah of San Jose del Monte Central School in Bulacan perform better in Math after being part of the MathDali Project.

We also have public school teachers who were able to engage their learners better through our videos and LEEP. Teachers Marina, Miriam, and Michelle of Guimaras shifted from traditional teaching to integrating multimedia and other enhanced pedagogies in their teaching.

And there are plenty more stories like these.

As we turn 18, we promise to continue serving the Filipino learners so that they can be the best that they can be for themselves, for their families and for others.

We call on individuals and corporations with hearts and minds like ours to partner with us, so that together, we can reach and teach more.

Maraming salamat po!


Rina Lopez Bautista
President and Executive Director
Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.


Speech at the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)

Speech at the 59th UN Department of Public Information and NGO Conference in 2006

Speech at the 2013 Education for Sustainable Development International Conference