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The Knowledge Channel Internship Program (KCIP) is Knowledge Channel Foundation’s latest program for Filipino senior high and college students in helping make a difference in basic education. Unofficially started in 2001 with “Teacher for a Day”, employees were recruited as volunteers in monitoring the usage of Knowledge Channel in public schools. This eventually evolved into an internship program and institutionalized in 2017-2018 with more than 70 interns under its inaugural batch.

KCIP aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Hone interns’ knowledge and skills acquired while in school through Knowledge Channel’s real-life and real-time tasks and projects;
  • Reinforce interns’ skills in operating and maneuvering through the world of technology without losing sight of values;
  • Facilitate interns’ entry into the workplace after graduation by encouraging and requiring exemplary performance from interns; and
  • Mold interns into becoming transformational individuals and leaders with a drive to help build the nation;


  • Creation and development of short 2D/3D animated stories and programs
  • Creation and development of Mobile Game Applications
  • Video Production work
  • Research
  • Administrative, Finance or Human Resources functions
  • Marketing and Communications related work
  • Coordination work related to fundraising

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Step 1: Fill out Application Form

Step 2: Initial interview by KCFI coordinator with supporting documents:

Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Abstract Reasoning Test, Recent copy of grades

Step 3: Final interview with the requesting department


Step 4: Pre-training to Post-training requirements upon acceptance of applicant

Step 5: Orientation, Actual Training/Deployment

Step 6: Submit weekly report to the KCFI coordinator and Supervisor


Step 7: Evaluation and Feedback (Exit interview)

Step 8: Recognition

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