Basa Bilang Project


The Basa Bilang Project aims to develop 1,500 animated for K-3 to help public school pupils acquire appropriate knowledge and skills in beginning reading and math and help them become independent readers, confident problem solvers, and critical thinkers.


Our Dream

To bring smiles to Filipino children by improving their learning through multimedia resources. Through our videos and e-modules, we help them gain the foundational skills for learning so that they have a better chance to succeed in school and in life.

By transforming the way they learn and effecting excellent learning outcomes, they can live happier and healthier lives and serve their families, their community, and the country.


Why Early Reading and Numeracy?

Despite the transition to the K-to-12 system and the many reforms in education, many public schools are still behind in terms of delivering quality education especially in the primary years. This results in low achievement scores in national and international tests, which is an indicator of poor learning.

  • Poor reading and math skills in early grades makesit harder for kids to progress in highergrades – resulting in poor problems solving skills and understanding of complex ideas
  • Teachers struggle with very big class sizes, constantly moving student population that increases even in the midst of the school year, and severe lack of instructional materials and training to better teach their learners.
  • Many of these public school children’s families live below poverty line making do with less than USD5/day.

Sponsor the production/creation of:

1 Unit (5 episodes) of curriculum-based animated educational videos
for US$ 5,000


1 Quarter of 8 Units (40 episodes) of curriculum-based animated educational videos
for US$ 40,000

For donations, kindly deposit to:

Savings Acct # 3430071172


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