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Official Statement on the ABS-CBN Shutdown

Official Statement on the ABS-CBN Shutdown


It is with sadness that I inform you that Knowledge Channel, the first and only all Filipino educational TV channel in the country is no longer airing on ABS-CBN’s TVplus indefinitely.

This comes after ABS-CBN was forced to sign-off with the issuance of a cease and desist order by the National Telecommunications Commission.

In the past 20 years, ABS-CBN has been our partner in making learning through TV more accessible to public schools and over 4 million Filipino households via ABS-CBN’s TVplus. They have supported Knowledge Channel Foundation in making possible its advocacy to help children, their parents and their teachers. Especially amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, Filipino families rely on ABS-CBN and its affiliated channels for news, entertainment, and most importantly education.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine has made schooling and learning difficult for so many learners. Realizing this, the Knowledge Channel Foundation and ABS-CBN collaborated to implement the “Stay at Home, Learn at Home” campaign. We have also been working closely with the Department of Education and offered Knowledge Channel as a primary delivery mode under DepEd’s Learning Continuity Plan. While only 18% of households having access to the internet, a huge 80% of households have access to television. But with the absence of Knowledge Channel on ABS-CBN’s TVplus, millions of households have been denied the opportunity to learn through the Knowledge Channel.

With the shutdown of ABS-CBN, the jobs of more than 11,000 dedicated and talented individuals are at risk, affecting 11,000 families, and affecting other people whose businesses and livelihood that depend on the network. On so many fronts, this brazen attempt to cripple an institution that that exists to be of service to the Filipino family is clearly anti-Filipino.

I call all teachers, parents, and children, and all Filipino children to stand with us and fight for the Filipino.

I am Rina Lopez and I call on you to support the renewal of the franchise of ABS-CBN that we may continue to be of service to the Filipino.


Rina Lopez
President and Executive Director
Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc.