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Practice Meditation at Home during ECQ

Practice Meditation at Home during ECQ

By Joydie Banares

The mind is a great gift. It helps us learn, think, and imagine. The mind is where our consciousness, judgment, perception, and memory is stored. This is also where our feelings and emotions come from and as well as how we move our bodies. Our mind plays a very important role in our being. Looking after the health of our mind should be on our priorities.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic drastically changing our lives, we can’t help but worry about our health, safety and other things which makes us too overwhelmed or stressed out. We may also find trouble focusing or concentrating.

One way to combat these is through meditation. Knowledge Channel has a meditation video so kids and adults can practice meditation at home.

Meditation has been around for centuries and has been done by many people in different countries around the world, regardless of religion, beliefs, age and gender. It has been proven to help us focus, to lessen our stress, our anxiety and even to help us improve our sleep. And simply as well as to calm our minds. Just like exercise and physical fitness which is a training for a healthy body, meditation focuses to train our mind. During meditation, we are able to restore our minds, hearts and bodies. Meditation can also help us deepen our knowledge and to connect with God.

Watch in Filipino

Do you want to try meditation? But doesn’t know how and where to start? It is not complicated nor hard. Meditation follows a process which is straightforward, simple and easy. You can try meditating in your house during this quarantine with the help of these tips we prepared for you.

  1. Find a comfortable place. You can sit straight on the floor or on a chair.
  2. Place your hand on the tap of your lap.
  3. Put your feet firmly on the ground/floor if you are sitting on a chair.
  4. Close your eyes.

Try to relax your mind, your heart and your body for a minute and remember to focus your attention on your breathing. Now say the word “ma-ra-na-tha” and silently repeating it until the end of your meditation. And after a minute, you can now open your eyes. How does you feel after meditation? You can adjust your time for a minute or so depending on what you want. You can share this to anyone on your house, invite your parents and siblings to try meditating during this quarantine. It will not only strengthen your bond with your family, it can also help your mind as well.

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