Hillary Andales Inspires Knowledge Channel Interns

By Michael Ramos | April 4, 2019

More than 80 Knowledge Channel interns were able to meet, greet, and listen to Hilary Diane Andales, the 17-year old Filipina prodigy who won the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge, a prestigious global competition for scientists in a Learner’s Circle event held last March 15, 2019 at the ABS-CBN 4th Floor Executive Lounge.

Andales wowed the audience by sharing her journey from joining to winning the annual global competition for students that inspire creative thinking about science. Open to students aged 13-18, Andales created and submitted an original video explaining Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in a fun and easy-to-understand format in under three minutes. Andales was praised for being able to communicate such a complex concept into something easily palatable.

“Throughout this whole process, I was guided by this one principle – if you can’t explain it simply, then you can’t understand it well enough,” she shared. “You have to really get it down to the simplest terms to transit that message effectively to other people.”

Since most of her audience had a background in multimedia arts, she shared some of her personal tips on how to make effective educational videos which included a lot of painstaking research, time and effort in producing the video, and passion for the topic or subject.

Andales happily shared that it was actually her parents and Knowledge Channel that made her love science so much. “Knowledge Channel was a very formative channel in my childhood. I remember watching Sineskwela and Epol Apol when I was in Grade 1 and 2. Palagi ako nanonood noon,” she said.

The Learner’s Circle is part of the Knowledge Channel Volunteer and Internship Program (KCVIP) held for Knowledge Channel interns as part of their career and skills development.

To volunteer or be an intern, visit the Knowledge Channel Volunteer and Internship Program page.

Breaking through: 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge winner Hillary Dianne Andales receives an award from KCFI President and Executive Director Rina Lopez Bautista and Director of Operations Edric Calma. (Photo by Azrael Gonzales)

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