Saving Verde Island

Verde Island Passage is a crucial body of water that cuts through Batangas Bay and the island of Mindoro. It provides food, livelihood and other benefits for over two million people.

It is also home to countless underwater creatures, making it a city for thousands of marine species. According to Conservation International, the Passage is known to be the “the center of global shore-fish biodiversity”. This was also noted in a 2005 study done by Melbourne Institute of Technology biologist Dr. Kent Carpenter. According to Carpenter, Verde Island Passage is at the extreme center of this biodiversity is in the world. However, with the increasing economic activity happening in the area, Verde Island Passage is at risk of endangering the marine life that thrives under its sea belt.

WATCH: Knowledge Channel’s Mi Isla on YouTube

In order to raise awareness on this issue, Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. worked with the Lopez Group of Companies, First Philippine Conservation Inc. (FPCI), and Prince Albert of Monaco in producing Mi Isla, a show on conserving the precious Verde Island Passage.

“It’s humbling to look at a place like that and have impressions that are not really palatable and realizing how important that place is to all of us. I think the lesson there is that, as long as it is part of nature you have to take care of it, because it is there for a reason. And Verde Island is there for a very important reason to humankind,” said Dr. in a dialogue with the Lopez Group executives back in 2005.

Watch Knowledge Channel’s Mi Isla now on YouTube.

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