Let’s Play… Knowledge on the Go!

Carrying a huge dice and a backpack, Umagang Kay Ganda co-host, Marlo Mortel, visits schools and other places to play this new three-minute game show from Knowledge Channel. Participants are asked to roll the dice to try and answer a question based on a subject category.

There are only three easy steps in playing “Knowledge on the Go”.

1) Roll the giant dice to get the subject category.

2) Pick a cue card based on the subject category on the dice.

3) Answer the question!

WATCH: Knowledge on the Go! Plug

In the first episode, Marlo quizzed Neirisane Alba, an elementary pupil from Caniogan Elementary School in Pasig. With English as the category, Marlo asked, “Which is an example of a helping verb? A. Run B. Swim C. Will D. Go”

Nerisaine replied with C and… that was the correct answer!

Marlo congratulated her and then explained that helping verbs or auxiliary verbs are used in conjunction with main verbs to express shades of time and mood.

This is the first-time Knowledge Channel has explored this kind of format where learning could be taken outside the four corners of a classroom and translated into a fun and light game show. As Marlo says at the closing of the show, “Ang kaalaman, kayang dalhin kahit saan. (You can bring knowledge anywhere.)”

Knowledge on the Go airs on Knowledge Channel starting June 5!


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