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61% of Basa Bilang Kids Now Better in Oral Reading

61% of Basa Bilang Kids Now Better in Oral Reading

102 Grade 1 learners from Santa Rosa, Laguna and 91 Grade 1 learners from Marikina under the Basa Bilang project of Knowledge Channel Foundation (KCFI) have completed their learning journey with a majority of them advancing in their oral reading ability (60 percent for Santa Rosa and 80 percent for Marikina).

In the July 2021 Basa Bilang Closing Report for Santa Rosa, Laguna, it noted, “There is a significant difference between the pretest and posttest oral reading ability test results.” In terms of comprehension, 80 percent have become independent readers by the end of the school year. At the beginning of the project, 75 percent were unable to read or needed assistance from the teacher.

It also highlighted that there was a significant difference between pre and posttest oral reading speed test results. 47 percent of student respondents advanced from one reading speed level to another. From 47 percent of the cohort having slow oral reading speed, 52 percent are now fast in their oral reading speed.

Comprehension Ability Results – Basa Bilang Santa Rosa

Marikina learners on the other hand, showed an increase to 67 percent of independent readers by the end of the project from 35 percent at the beginning according to July 2021 Basa Bilang Closing Report for Marikina.

When it came to Oral Reading Level, 58 percent of pupils could already read sentences by the end of the project with the rest being able to read phrases, words, and syllables. No non-readers and letter readers were recorded in the posttest. The report also noted that 64 percent of the student respondents advanced from one reading speed level to another. By the end of the project, 44 percent were “fast readers” when 48 percent of the participating pupils were “slow readers” at the beginning.

Oral Reading Speed Results – Basa Bilang Marikina

These results were attributed to the interventions introduced by KCFI which included the regular viewing of Wikaharian video lessons and the training and mentoring of teachers on the integration of video lessons in Filipino classes. The report further adds, “Integration of Wikaharian episodes in instruction is beneficial to the students. It made them more engaged during discussion, improve their reading skills, develop interest in stories, learn positive Filipino values and gain awareness on Filipino culture.”

Santa Rosa Elementary School Central 1, Central 3 and Balibago Elementary School participated in this 7-month online intervention project supported by Mary’s Way Foundation, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN, and Knowledge channel Foundation under the Big Blue Hearts Campaign.

Meanwhile, Concepcion Integrated School, Fortune Elementary School, and Malanday Elementary School in Marikina participated for 5 months in the Basa Bilang online program with support from the Catholic Women’s Club and AC Corporation through the donation of tablets.

Teacher Rose Centeno, one of the participating teachers from Balibago Elementary School, expressed her gratitude to the program. “Sa Knowledge Channel Foundation po, sa Mary’s Way Foundation, Globe at sa ABS CBN po, Taos puso po ako nagpapasalamat bilang isa sa guro po ng Grade 1 at isa po sa nabiyayaan niyo ng mga kailangan ng mga bata po sa pag aaral during these new normal.”

Mommy Monica Llanos and her son Manuel from Marikina also expressed their heartfelt thanks to Knowledge Channel and the sponsors of Basa Bilang in Marikina. “Maraming maraming salamat po Catholic Women’s Club at isa po kami sa nabiyayan ng tablet para sa online learning niya po napakalaking tulong po sa kanyang pag aaral sa panahon ngayon dahil ang hirap po pag ka wala kaming gadget na ginagamit.”

KCFI initiated Basa Bilang in 2018 as a response to the global learning crisis first stated by the World Bank and is now affecting millions of Filipino learners. By helping children in the early years gain foundational skills in reading and numeracy, the country will have a better chance to reverse the impact of the learning crisis.

KCFI is actively looking for partners and sponsors to build on the gains of Basa Bilang in the communities of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Marikina and other possible locations for implementation.


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