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KCFI and JPLMF to showcase Laurel biopic

KCFI and JPLMF to showcase Laurel biopic

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. (KCFI) and Jose P. Laurel Memorial Foundation (JPLMF) signed an agreement to showcase the documentary entitled “Life of WW2 Philippine President Jose P. Laurel” as part of the Araling Panlipunan block to be broadcasted on-air, online, and offline. The virtual Memorandum of Agreement signing was led by KCFI President and Executive Director, Rina Lopez together with Maria Lourdes Arcenas and Carlos Laurel of JPLMF.

During the ceremony, Lopez highlighted the critical role of history in understanding our freedom as we fight against historical revisionism. “We have to harness the power of media and technology to raise awareness and appreciation of our true history, of what it is to be a Filipino, and how it is to love our country. Our children, their families, and the schools will surely learn this from the life story of President Jose P. Laurel,” she said.

Meanwhile, KCFI Director of Operations, Edric Calma mentioned that Philippine history books were too short to provide the underlying points of our history, especially during the Japanese occupation. “I think yung panahon ng Hapon ay dalawa o tatlong pages lamang… Mahalaga po na mas marami tayong maibigay sa mga bata na materials para mapag-aralan nila, malaman nila ang nangyari sa kasaysayan at bigyan ng kahulugan ang mga pangyayaring ito. Para magamit nila when they decide for the course of the next history of the Philippines.” he added.

For decades, the Laurel family gives meaning to the life, aspiration, and thriving of Jose P. Laurel, President of the Second Philippine Republic. Maria Lourdes Arcenas explained that “the film Laurel is a story of a man Jose P. Laurel who served in a most turbulent time of our Philippine History. This film captured his emotions and his firm and unshakable faith and love for his country – the Philippines.”

The Laurel film will be shown in four parts from July 26 to 29 at 10:20 AM with replays at 10:20 PM on Knowledge Channel.

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