Knowledge Channel secures 1M grant from NCCT

Funds will be used to produce 4 Ready, Set, Read video lessons for Grade 2 English

The National Council for Children’s’ Television or NCCT awarded one million pesos to Knowledge Channel Foundation (KCFI) as part of its initiative to support the production of educational television shows under its National Endowment Fund for Children’s Television (NEFCTV). The funds will be used to produce 4 new episodes of KCFI’s flagship program in English for the primary grades called Ready, Set, Read. A total of five grantees were awarded including Love Life Project for Health and Environment, Inc., Jumpcat Experiment, UPLB Foundation, Inc., and Ateneo de Naga University.

To officiate this, a Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement was held virtually on Zoom and on Facebook Live. NCCT Chairperson Luis Gatmaitan opened the short program by emphasizing their role in advocating for children’s TV programming. “It was a dream of NCCT to see a revolution of sorts in children’s television programming. Pangarap natin marevitalize ang children’s TV industry in the country… With the National Endowment Fund established to help further the production of child-friendly or child-directed TV programs, we at NCCT were more than happy to see its fruition.” He further added that the five grantees were the first ever to be awarded with such funding from the NEFCTV.

KCFI President and Executive Director Rina Lopez expressed her deep gratitude to NCCT and to the people who have championed and supported KCFI through the years. She also underscored the gravity of the learning crisis in the Philippines. “Working in the education sector for the past 22 years, we have learned that kids struggle in school and now at home because they lack or have not mastered the skills they need in order to get through their grade level…The learning crisis is real and it is here today. And each of us has an important role in ending the Philippine learning crisis. Let us act together now, let us act now. Let us act fast.”

“I have to thank, bow to Knowledge channel, because they were visionary. They were fulfilling our role of giving our children wonderful shows not only to entertain but more to educate. – Alice Panares, Council Member, NCCT

Alice Panares, NCCT’s first executive director and current council member expressed her delight for the successful awarding of funds to the grantees. “I feel so fulfilled that today we have 5 programs to be proud of to justify our existence. Without shows for children, NCCT has no reason to exist.” She also congratulated Knowledge Channel for the 22 years of work it has been doing in the field of educational television. “I have to thank, bow to Knowledge channel, because they were visionary. They were fulfilling our role of giving our children wonderful shows not only to entertain but more to educate. They have TV shows for all the subjects.” She further recalled her experiences working with Knowledge Channel’s dedicated heads Rina Lopez, Edric Calma, Dr. Fe Hidalgo and Doris Nuval

Led by NCCT’s Executive Director, Daisy Atienza, Knowledge Channel will be working closely with the agency in using the funds to accomplish much needed video lessons that can benefit the learning of Filipino children especially during this pandemic.

About Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc (KCFI) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that works to help uplift the life of the Filipino through media and technology. Specifically, it develops and distributes curriculum-based multimedia learning resources (such as videos, games, session guides, etc.) for preschool, K-to-12, and the Alternative Learning System, online, on-demand, and on-air via the Knowledge Channel shown in the various platforms all over the Philippines. It also implements professional development programs for teachers and education leaders.

Since 1999, KCFI has been transforming classroom experiences into unique and engaging learning journeys.