Knowledge Channel Celebrates Women of Knowledge

Knowledge Channel Foundation (KCFI) joins the international community in celebrating women as it shines the spotlight on our unwavering education advocates through our #WomenofKnowledge social media campaign.

Leading the organization is a mother, daughter and a pioneer of educational television in the Philippines. She is President and Executive Director, Ms. Rina Lopez, the woman who has been steering KCFI for the past 21 years making it the first educational channel in the country.

Under her leadership, Knowledge Channel was able to align its educational shows to the Department of Education’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) ensuring the quality in all of its shows. Despite the pandemic and the non-renewal of franchise of ABS-CBN, KCFI was able to stay afloat thanks to her steady leadership strategies that would help cushion the blow to the education sector by re-aligning its programs via different platforms and ensuring educators are able to adapt to the current modality by providing trainings for distance learning and teaching in the new normal.

All these were then implemented on ground by a team of dedicated people mostly composed of women. These women of knowledge were integral in delivering Knowledge Channel’s mission in the service of the Filipino people.

“Working for children and education is both meaningful and fulfilling for me. Through Knowledge Channel, I’m given an opportunity to be part of a good cause, to serve fellow Filipinos, and hopefully improve lives.”, Platforms Head Danie Sedilla-Cruz shared when asked what keeps her motivated in working in Knowledge Channel.

Knowledge Channel believes that the first step out of poverty is education as expressed by Access and Community Engagements Head, Doris Nuval, “I have always believed that quality education is the key driver to reduce poverty; and the Knowledge Channel is contributing in a big way to improving the quality of education through its video lessons and digital learning materials.”

The month long celebration of women’s month is not only a celebration of how far we’ve come in attaining gender equality, With the majority of the team members being women in Knowledge Channel, may this serve as an inspiration for young little girls to pursue their passions through education. As Aung San Suu Kyi declared, “ The education and empowerment of women cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just, and peaceful life for all.

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About Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc (KCFI) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that works to help uplift the life of the Filipino through media and technology. Specifically, it develops and distributes curriculum-based multimedia learning resources (such as videos, games, session guides, etc.) for preschool, K-to-12, and the Alternative Learning System, online, on-demand, and on-air via the Knowledge Channel shown in the various platforms all over the Philippines. It also implements professional development programs for teachers and education leaders.

Since 1999, KCFI has been transforming classroom experiences into unique and engaging learning journeys.