1,200 NegOc Teachers Receive Technical Training

Knowledge Channel conducted a technical training on the use of the Knowledge Channel Portable Media Library (PML) to 1,200 participants from 683 schools schools in the Division of Negros Occidental via a Google Meet session. The training was divided into four sessions which were held from March 3 to 5, 2021.

The Technical Training on the Use of Knowledge Channel Portable Media Library (KCPML) is a training conducted for the beneficiaries of the KCPML sponsored by the Negros Occidental provincial government and the Department of Education Division of Negros Occidental. The main objective of this training is to guide the teachers to navigate the contents of KCPML. Hence, utilize knowledge channel’s video lessons and resources appropriately and effectively.

With the challenges that the education sector is currently facing due to the shift to distance learning, teachers are being creative to address the situation and continue to effectively facilitate learning for the Filipino learners. “I try downloading materials to break the monotony na ako lang ang nagsasalita. I would play videos that would cater to their interests and needs.”, Diarry Espolong, a Grade 6 teacher, expressed during an interview.

“Through this videos [PML] mas naiintindihan nila [learners] ang objectives and lessons kasi mas mataas ang retention ng learners pag may napapanood.”, Daniel Dumdumaya, a Grade 5 teacher and an attendee of the training shared.

The partnership between Negros Occidental and Knowledge Channel started when the later connected many schools with its access programs. “It’s something I feel we can move forward to better the lives of the children.”, Ms. Rina Lopez-Bautista expressed when asked to comment on the recent PML donations to Negros Occidental.

The event was attended by Negros Occidental Governor, Hon. Eugenio Jose V. Lacson, President and Executive Director of Knowledge Channel, Ms. Rina Lopez-Bautista, Knowledge Channel Operations Director, Mr. Edric Calma, Negros Occidental Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Marsette D. Sabbaluca, and Senior Education Program Specialist, Rebonie Emboltorio, Ph.D.


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