Knowledge Channel now on Cignal!

The first curriculum-based educational channel in the country can now be accessed by more Filipinos.

One of the leading satellite entertainment companies is now carrying the biggest classroom on-air. Starting this January, over 2 million CIGNAL subscribers can now watch Knowledge Channel on Ch. 146. This milestone comes at a critical time when children, parents, and teachers are adapting to distance learning and rely on television to watch their lessons. Over 1,500 video lessons are available on Knowledge Channel which are all based on the Most Essential Learning Competencies of the Department of Education.

Knowledge Channel is available on the following CIGNAL plans: Postpaid PLAN 290 and up, Prepaid Premium SD 100 SD and up, and Prepaid Ultimate HD 100 HD and up.

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About Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc (KCFI) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that works to help uplift the life of the Filipino through media and technology. Specifically, it develops and distributes curriculum-based multimedia learning resources (such as videos, games, session guides, etc.) for preschool, K-to-12, and the Alternative Learning System, online, on-demand, and on-air via the Knowledge Channel shown in the various platforms all over the Philippines. It also implements professional development programs for teachers and education leaders.

Since 1999, KCFI has been transforming classroom experiences into unique and engaging learning journeys.