Knowledge Channel and NCCA Complete 80 New Video Lessons for Teaching Reading

The basic education sector currently faces a myriad of challenges: from the COVID-19 Pandemic, low international test results, unstable internet connection to the succession of typhoons that disrupted distance and online learning.

In line the Department of Education’s mission to improve the quality of basic education through “Sulong EduKalidad”, the Knowledge Channel Foundation and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts has completed eighty (80) video lessons with corresponding session guides on the use of local stories, culture and contexts as basis for learning beginning reading in Grade 1 under animated series “WIkaharian”. Just as important as helping children learn to read, the video series means to instill among the young learners’ awareness, appreciation and pride of Filipino traditions, beliefs, and values.

This collaborative project with the title, “Culture Appreciation through Videos in Beginning Reading” has been supported by Antique Representative Cong. Loren Legarda who is a staunch advocate of Philippine art, culture, and education. Through the financial assistance of NCCA, KCFI was able to complete the “Wikaharian” series hosted by teacher Michelle Agas and the Quezon City Public Library Puppeteers.

Since 2019, “Wikaharian” has been undergoing a pilot study in 18 public elementary schools in Santa Rosa, Laguna. The video series is being tested for its effectivity in helping Grade 1 kids become proficient readers in Filipino by the time they complete their grade level. This is part of a multi-year project set by KCFI called “Basa Bilang”, which aims to produce video lessons from Kinder to Grade 3 in English, Math, Science, and Filipino – all of which forms the foundational skills a child needs to have in order to succeed in school and in life.

KCFI will make the “Wikaharian” videos available in all its various platforms including SKYcable, G-SAT, SatLite, and PCTA cable affiliates and members. These will also be uploaded at and on its YouTube channel.

About Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc.

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc (KCFI) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that works to help uplift the life of the Filipino through media and technology. Specifically, it develops and distributes curriculum-based multimedia learning resources (such as videos, games, session guides, etc.) for preschool, K-to-12, and the Alternative Learning System, online, on-demand, and on-air via the Knowledge Channel shown in the various platforms all over the Philippines. It also implements professional development programs for teachers and education leaders.

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