Learning Effectively Through Enhanced Pedagogies

The Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) does not only operate in the realm of educational programming. The foundation also focuses on teacher training, an integral part for any organization that aims to refine the education landscape. Since 2013, KCFI has deepened its program for teachers through LEEP or Learning Effectively Through Enhanced and Evidence-based Pedagogies.

The program was initiated by Dr. Fe Hidalgo, former Secretary of the Department of Education and currently the Consultant for Education of KCFI. She highlighted the importance of the interaction between teachers and students and ensure a friendly teaching-learning environment through LEEP.

LEEP teaches principals and teachers dynamic and creative strategies in order to engage their learners and at the same time, help them develop 21st Century learning skills which are embedded in the K to 12 framework of the Department of Education. Combined with the multimedia learning resources of Knowledge Channel, educators are shown how to create positive learning experiences intheir classrooms.

LEEP has trained more than 3,000 teachers in more than 900 schools nationwide.

Your donations will help KCFI bring LEEP to more schools so more teachers can benefit from this unique and innovative training experience.

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